Marc Bolan was the biggest pop star in the UK in the early 1970's. Marc invented the genre of glam rock when he appeared on the British Top of the Pops in 1970 wearing a satin jacket and eye makeup to play his hit single Ride a White Swan. Glam rock was a new style of music based around short, catchy pop tunes and a glittery, stylized presentation of songs. It was a reaction against the serious progressive rock music that was prevelent at the time. Marc Bolan began his career playing in an unearthly Tolkein and fantasy inspired folk band called Tyrannosaurus Rex. His producer Toni Visconti suggested that Marc abbreviate the band name to T.REX. When Bolan formed T. REX he added the electric guitar to his sound and the new pop explosion in the UK was born. Marc Bolan was the biggest teen idol in England since the days of the early 60's when the Beatles and Stones first came on the music scene. Marc became fondly referred to as the Bopping Elf because of his high energy stage presence, beautiful looks and diminutive stature.

T.REX started the glam rock craze in England which soon included David Bowie and Roxy Music. Many bands were influenced by Marc Bolan's look and sound. T.REX only had one radio hit in the USA, Bang A Gong in 1972, which was rerecorded by members of Duran Duran in their Powerstation project in 1985 when it again became a smash hit in the States. Marc Bolan's star dimmed during the mid-70's but he was headed for a comeback during 1976, the year that punk music exploded in the UK. Many punk bands were influenced by Bolan's style of music. Marc tragically died in a car accident in 1977 but his music and legend lives on. Today bands continue to cover T.REX songs and movies like Velvet Goldmine look back fondly on the glam rock era and T.REX.

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