Tales of Joan

It turns out that a friend of mine's father (they all live in New York) used to be on the board of PepsiCo with Al Steele. He remembers when
Al dropped dead and when Joan took his place on the board of directors.

Anyway, he's getting me additional stories about Joan. His exact words were: "Boy do I have some crazy stories about Joan Crawford."

Here's the first:

Joan had two fluffy white kick-dogs named..........Masterpiece & Renaissance. And they were her pride and joy. One time one of the little shit dogs jumped up into Mrs. De Lucca's lap during a cocktail party and knocked her drink in her lap (she's not sure if was M or R). Joan promptly led David's mom to her private salon in her 5th Avenue apt. (the one Al Steel had to sell his soul for because of the expensive renovations, if you recall), where she had people come in to do her hair, make-up & nails, etc. She started blow drying the wet spots on the back of Mrs. De Lucca's skirt and simply exclaimed "I bet this is the first time you've had a blow dryer up your ass!" Also, when you entered the apartment, ALL GUESTS had to take off their shoes and put on PAPER SLIPPERS so as not to mess up the white wall-to-wall carpet. AND all the furniture was covered with plastic just like in the Mouton's old living room. Ironically, all of these stories and many more were told to me at brunch on Mommy Dearest Day.