David Hemmings Happens LP

The LP was released n the US on MGM Records. The Back cover has a long commentary about David by Liz Smith which includes some great descriptions of his "reptilian eyes", his "brooding look of a dissolute poet", "the tangle of those mind-blown blond locks" and "the glacial intensity of those dissipated blue eyes". He is described from Blow-Up as moving "pragmatically through the memory's eye in neon white trousers" and expressing "the super-cool of hedonistic curiosity". He is compared to "fabulous villain leads: Richard III, Robert Louis Stevenson's Mr.Hyde, Jack the Ripper,...Lawrence of Arabia, Caligula...Dorian Gray...or Alexander the Great." His screen appeal described as "his mystique of feisty masculinity" and "his baby face, the imperturbable blankness of the cynically alienatted hero." All in all, a great write-up!

HAPPENS Track Listing

Side One
Back Street Mirror (written by Gene Clark, arranged and produced by Leon Russell)
Reason to Believe (written by Tim Hardin)
Good King James (David improvised the lyrics, a one take song)
Bell Birds (old folk song, David wrote the lyrics since he'd forgotten all but a few words of the original he'd heard in his childhood)
Talkin' LA (seven minute improvised song, all lyrics by Hemmings, Music by Roger McQuinn and Chris Hillman)

Side Two
Anathea (Roger McQuinn and Jimmy Bond did the music, David did the lyrics, an old folk song)
After the Rain (written by Bill Martin who taught it to David on the way to the recording session)
War's Mystery (another improvised song. Lyrics by Hemmings, McQuiin and Hillman music)
The Soldier Wind (written by Bill Martin for David)

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