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David Hemmings, Brit Boy of the 60's

David Hemmings

Brit Boy of the 60's

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David Hemmings was one of the most popular actors of the 1960's, he starred in the decades most influential, hip and unforgettable films. He represented the new mod era to filmgoers and will be forever associated with England's Swinging Sixties.

David Hemmings acted in films up until his death in 2003 and he also directed numerous films and television shows and formed his own film company, Hemdale.

Since I could not find another website dedicated to this very adorable British actor I decided I should make a little web shrine to David Hemmings myself. I hope his fans enjoy it!

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David Hemmings Filmography

The complete listing of David Hemmings films is available at the Internet Movie Database. Highlights of Hemmings career as an actor include

1960's: Blow Up, Camelot, The Charge of the Light Brigade, Barbarella and Alfred the Great

1970's: Unman, Wittering and Zigo, Deep Red, Fragment of Fear, The Love Machine, Voices, The Old Curiosity Shop, Just a Gigolo, Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Recently: Gladiator (the epic starring Russell Crowe), Spy Game, Gangs of New York, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

David Hemmings Biography

A full biography can be found at David Hemmings was born in Guildford, Surrey in England on November 18, 1941. Not just an actor but also a singer, painter, novelist and director Hemmings first first came to the world's attention in 1966 when he starred in the film BlowUp , one of the biggest hits of the 60's. The film's most famous scene is a performance of Train Kept A Rollin by the Yardbirds with Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck onstage. Hemmings starred in several other very popular 60's films before moving onto character roles and directing. Hemmings directorial accomplishments include Just a Gigolo in which he directed David Bowie, Kim Novak and Marlene Dietrich in , he also directed episodes of the TV shows The A-Team, Magnum P.I., and most famously the popular Airwolf.

Images of David Hemmings



Images of David Hemmings


My Reviews and Recommendations

My favorite Hemmings films:

1. Unman, Wittering and Zigo (1971)- very creepy look at British schoolboys, if you enjoy the Malcolm McDowell movie ...If then this one will be to your liking.

2. Deep Red (1975) - very creepy and effective Italian horror classic, an outstanding performance by David.

3. Fragment of Fear (1970) - British horror film about a paranoid ex-junkie (Hemmings) who believes he is being watched, tormented and persecuted by criminals. A lot like Polanski's Repulsion and a real time piece.

4. The Charge of the Light Brigade (1968) - Hemmings is quite dashing in this film (all the images on my page are stills from this movie) and it's a good look at war and Britain in the Victorian era.

5. Just a Gigolo (1978) - One of those movies that's so bad it's good, Hemmings is the best actor in it and the funniest, he obviously knew the movie was a joke since he directed it. Bowie, Novak and Dietrich play their roles very seriously which only makes it that much more humorous.

6. The Love Machine (1971) - very funny movie starraing Dyan Cannon, the last scene is worth watching the whole thing, absolutely hilarious.

7. Camelot (1967) - Highly entertaining 60's musical, lovely costumes and scenery (and yes that includes Mr. Hemmings who's fun as the baddie Mordred).

8. Alfred the Great (1969)- Talkie and intelligent late 60's epic, great leading role for Hemmings.

9. Gladiator (2000) - Hemmings has a small but memorable role in this modern epic classic. A fine fnal hurrah for three great actors who sadly are no longer with us, David, Richard Harris and Oliver Reed.

10. Barbarella (1967) - camp classic, VERY 60's, very funny and Hemmings is a real hoot in it as a bumbling rebel leader.

11. Beyond Reasonable Doubt (1980) - interesting Australian crime story with Hemmings astounding in the lead role of a very determined police investigator.

12. Eye of the Devil (1967) - Spooky horror film starring Deborah Kerr, the standout in this film is the spooky actress Sharon Tate who is quite eerie in anything she does but especialy chilling in this. David Hemmings has a small role as Tate's equally eerie brother.

13. Airwolf TV Series (1983-87) - David Hemmings is great as the evil Dr. Moffet in this classic 8o's TV show.

14. Voices (1973) - David Hemmings stars with his lovely wife Gayle Hunnicut in this haunting psychological thriller, somewhat reminiscent of Don't Look Now. Both actors are at their best as they try to deal with their marital problems at a seemingly haunted isolated English mansion.


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Hemmings Movies to Buy

David Hemmings Movies
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